Having Knee Trouble? Ask Your Doctor which Mueller Knee Braces and Supports are the Best Option!

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A knee injury can be quite painful. Even a minor injury can make a person feel like they will never walk properly again. The good news is that most knee injuries aren’t that serious. In fact, some issues aren’t even injuries at all. Unfortunately, age and repetitive motion impact the knees. Conditions like arthritis and tendinitis aren’t considered to be injuries, although some treatments might be the same regardless of the underlying cause of the pain. For someone experiencing knee pain, here are some things that need to be done.

See a Doctor

If someone is experiencing persistent pain in their knee (or knees), seeing a doctor needs to be the first step. Only a physician can determine if pain is caused by an injury. The doctor will look at the knee and probe it. If they can’t determine the cause with a physical examination, an x-ray or MRI may be necessary. However, this usually only occurs after other diagnostic efforts have failed.

In the case of arthritis, the doctor may require knee replacement surgery. This may also be the case if a there is a serious injury to the knee that other methods of treatment won’t heal.

Physical Therapy

Often, a doctor will recommend their patients participate in physical therapy. While many of the exercises at physical therapy may seem easy, early in a treatment plan it’s necessary for the therapist to monitor their clients to make sure too much stress isn’t being put on the knee, which can cause further damage. They also talk to their clients to determine if there is an increase or decrease of pain after treatment, if it’s manageable, and more. It’s important to follow the instructions of the physical therapist throughout therapy.

Knee Support

Providing the proper knee support will be important as well. The doctor or therapist may recommend ice or heat, and they will probably recommend a knee brace. There are many stability levels for knee braces, and it’s important to use the kind recommended by the doctor. Mueller knee braces and supports will usually have something that a doctor can approve of.

If you’re having trouble with your knees, take care of it. See a doctor to make sure it’s not something serious, and then follow his or her directions for care, and you’ll feel better soon.


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